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Spring Parent-Teacher Conferences are coming…

Friday, March 25 is Parent-Teacher Conferences Day

This round of Parent-Teacher conferences, unlike the mandatory conferences in the fall, is by request only—-your or the teacher’s. And, did you know that ALL the special subject teachers are available to speak with you and give their valuable perspective? In the grade school, sign up for a time with Ilene Warfield, and have a conversation with any special subject teachers to learn more about the curriculum, school events and your child. This is a wonderful opportunity to get a slightly different perspective and enjoy the full circles of educators that surround your child every day.

The Grade School Office is currently scheduling Spring parent-teacher conferences for teacher-requested conferences only. On March 14th scheduling will open up for parent-requested conferences. All parents wishing to speak with a class and/or subject teacher will be accommodated; additional conference slots will be added as needed.

Reminder to Parents: If you want to meet with a special subject teacher and that teacher has not requested a conference with you already, then please specify if you want to meet with the subject teacher separately or in conjunction with your class teacher during the conference.

Conferences will be held on Friday, March 25 (no school for students).
Please contact Ilene Warfield in the Grade School Office at or 773.465.2372 to make an appointment.


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