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Here’s a unique opportunity for deep study to learn more about the principles behind the pedagogy. Presented by the Arcturus Rudolf Steiner Program:

Arcturus Summer Intensive
JUNE 27th – JULY 1st, 2011

Arcturus is the Waldorf teacher training program that also educates individuals in the foundations and insights into Waldorf Education. More info is available at the Arcturus website.

The Summer Intensive includes these workshops:

Gardening by Patricia Holdrege
What could be more hands-on than a city garden? During this workshop we will be getting our hands in the earth at a neighborhood community garden. Come ready to learn the basics of city gardening, composting, warm composting and wear clothing appropriate for gardening!

Painting & Drawing out of Plant Observation by Frances Vig
Our lives are shaped by our individual experience of the world, yet often we do not really see what is in front of us. Using painting and drawing, we will work with the colors and forms in nature not only to examine what we know but also to learn to see nature in a different light. We will work with practical exercises in perception and journal our observations as an approach to learning to see nature anew. All levels of experience are welcome!

Rudolf Steiner Life & Work by Rick Spaulding and Jim Kotz
Celebrating the 150th anniversary of Rudolf Steiner’s birth.
From an early age Rudolf Steiner was fascinated by modern science, yet due to his experiences of the spiritual world, was not able to find the connection between the natural world, the world of science, and the truths he had discovered regarding the spiritual world. With the help of Goethe’s Color Theory, Steiner strove to bring clarity and a new terminology to unify science, the spirit, and the natural world. In addition to learning about Steiner’s biography, there will also be a focus on his 1924 lectures to farmers.


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