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From the desk of Coach Robb Gill

Sport Update for the Girls’ Soccer Team

This past weekend was a good time to be a sports fan. The Chicago Bulls are making a great run in the play-offs, and the Kentucky Derby is always an exciting event to watch, not only for the race but also for the hats that people wear. And on the home-front, exciting activity happened for CWS Thunder Athletics.

The Thunder soccer team had a fun-filled weekend, as they played in the first ever 8-on-8 Metropolitan Prep Soccer Tournament. As Pastor Valdez, president of the New Jerusalem School and the conference, said at the end of the tournament, “The spirit of good sportsmanship, fair play, and fun is alive and well in the hearts of the athletes who took part in the tournament.” The Waldorf Girls’ Soccer Team was able to take 2nd place by winning a pressure packed shoot-out in overtime against the Stars of the Universal School of Bridgeview.

In the championship game, the Waldorf Girls’ Team, The Thunder, lost to the Greyhounds of St. Gregory due to the incredible play of the MVP of the tournament, Nancy Ikejamja, who wowed the crowd with her incredible moves. Overall, the girls had a great time. Much credit for the great weekend must be given to the senior leadership on the team and their outstanding coach, Adrianna Kondrat.

The Thunder Athletic Department is very excited by the current plans of the Metropolitan Prep. Due to the work of Pastor Valdez and myself, the conference is moving towards offering special sports for small schools such as Waldorf. For example, the conference is planning on offering Boys 8-on-8 Flag football in the fall, and they are working on 6-on-6 Boys Soccer League.

Here is a video (produced by Coach Gill & the students) highlighting the weekend of soccer play.


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