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Explore the City on Bike

Bike The Drive- Sunday May 29th
Join CWS for a Special Bike Ride and Social Outing!

For the past several years, Chicago Waldorf School families have joined thousands of Chicagoans in participating in Bike the Drive, a fun-filled outdoor city-wide event.

Take advantage of an entire morning of car-free biking on Chicago’s famous Lake Shore Drive. Ride in safety and community while exploring the city. Then have a picnic and play-time in the park.

Bike the Drive is a family-friendly event that is a great way to see the most scenic aspects of our city’s waterfront by biking down Lake Shore Drive–without cars! Families can choose to bike any length of the two 15- and 30-mile course options and can use one of the many turnaround points for a more leisurely ride. For the last five years Chicago Waldorf families have biked the event at their own pace and distance and then met at around 10:30am for a social outing & picnic near Montrose Hill in Lincoln Park after Bike The Drive concludes.

Bike the Drive is a fundraising event for the nonprofit Active Transportation Alliance. Registration supports their advocacy efforts and gives you hours of uninterrupted bicycling, volunteer support, access to rest stops and a fun-filled post-ride festival. The CWS After-Ride Outing is free and all community members and friends are welcome to join us.

Catch the view from behind your handlebars! Ride with us Memorial Day weekend and join CWS families for picnic and fun in the afternoon.

If you’d like to join in the Waldorf Families After-Ride Festivities, please contact CWS Communications Director, Jason Greenberg at for more details.

Sign up today! Click here for their event registration webpage. It supports a great cause.


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