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From the Board of Trustees

Report of the April 26th Board Meeting

Trustees heard reports on―and discussed―a number of noteworthy items including:

Trustees were pleased to hear the encouraging results of a philanthropic feasibility study conducted by an outside professional firm and heartened to hear that CWS is capable of conducting a $10 million capital campaign in the near future. (The Board had approved in fall 2010 the retention of a fundraising consultant to assess and report on the school’s philanthropic capability for a permanent home capital campaign in response to the AWSNA/ISACS accrediting recommendations.)

Trustees noted that the report makes clear the school must make philanthropy a greater organizational priority in line with the recommendations contained within the report. The school should make changes and invest the resources necessary to increase its fundraising results over the next two years as it moves toward implementing a campaign. The recommendations contained within the report will be taken up by the Permanent Campus Committee, administration and Board. (Questions regarding the feasibility study should be directed to Luke Goodwin and Jackie Johnson.)

…the report makes clear the school must make philanthropy a greater organizational priority…

The Finance Committee had several pieces of good news:

• The school’s line of credit will not have to be drawn upon at all this year, marking a significant accomplishment in the management of school funds. A small surplus this year will be carried into next year’s budget.

• The top priority for next year’s baseline budget will be salary and benefits reinstatement for faculty and staff. Our ability to add these items back into the budget will be based on this year’s Annual Fund revenue and next year’s tuition revenue.

• The Gala raised in excess of $100,000, which will be designated exclusively for faculty and staff professional development this year and over the next two school years.

• The Finance Committee will host an annual community financial forum each fall, prior to the Board’s deliberations and decision on tuition-setting.

Administrative reports to the board included updates on human resource matters; enrollment for next year (overall projected at about the same as this year); progress on the upcoming renovation of the EC5 classroom; the Admissions Office forthcoming 5-year Exit Interview Study that will give valuable insight into our school’s strengths and continuing challenges; and crisis management recommendations completed this year.

PTO leadership will continue to discuss and consider how best to coordinate with room parent leadership to efficiently and effectively facilitate volunteer activity in the school, and to emphasize community building now that the school is easing the fund-raising expectations surrounding many events and festivals.

The Board will hold its next meeting on Tuesday, May 24, 7:00 pm.

Submitted by Sylvie Desouches, Board Secretary on May 19th, 2011

Minutes from the April Board meeting will be available at the front desk after approval on May 24. All prior 2010-2011 Board meeting minutes are already available for viewing at the front desk.

Remaining 2010-2011 Board of Trustee Meetings
May 24 – Approve baseline budget, approve trustee slate
June 14 – General, Strategic Planning

Interested parents, faculty and staff may request to attend by notifying the Board Chair (Mike Motyka at at least 48 hours in advance of the meeting (by May 22).

NOTE: While the Board has an open Board policy, certain confidential or sensitive information may need to be discussed under closed door session, per best practices for non-profit boards. The Board Chair may ask guests to leave the room at such times and may limit the number of guests attending a meeting. Guests may or may not be invited to speak.


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