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High School Academic Support for Students

Is your High School student needing more feedback on their work? Are they having trouble completing a homework assignment? Does your son/daughter feel unprepared for an upcoming quiz or test? How can he/she get academic assistance when not in class? High School students are encouraged to advocate for their needs in the following ways:

During the School Day – The first step in seeking help is to approach a teacher right after class. Questions and concerns may be resolved then, or if lengthier assistance is needed, a meeting time will be scheduled during lunch, morning break, or before/after school.

Lunchtime Homework Room – Students may drop in to Lunchtime Homework Room (located in the library—2nd floor of the High School) on any given day for help with math or simply to have a quiet place to study. Homework Room is scheduled during first and second lunch, and is staffed by Mr. Jim Davis, our new math teacher.

Before or After School – Whenever a student needs help, but is unable to speak with a teacher directly after class, the student may request a meeting time with the teacher via a visit to the teacher’s classroom or by leaving a note in the teacher’s mailbox in the High School office.

At Home – Teachers will provide information about homework assignments via a syllabus and/or their online classroom resources board, in addition to assigning tasks verbally and in writing on the classroom blackboard. Parents and students may also communicate with teachers via e-mail (the preferred method) or telephone. In general, faculty will respond to phone calls and e-mails within 48 hours.


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