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Special Offer: Pre-Order the 2011-2012 Yearbook now!

This school year a dedicated group of High School students are starting to work, from the very first day of school, on designing and producing the best yearbook ever. We plan to document the life, fun and spirit of CWS and student life, as well as include coverage of most of the signifigant events at our school. Here’s more good news! We are offering the CWS Yearbook, The Loop, at a reduced pre-order price: only $40. (This is substantially discounted from the end of year pricing.)

Order now to get a reduced “Pre-Sale Price”
Only $40! Offer expires Nov. 1st

Don’t miss this great opportunity. Place your orders as soon as possible, since this offer will expire by November 1st. Also, if you wish to place an ad in the yearbook, reserve your space now with Yearbook Faculty Advisor, Sr. Correa at


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