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CWS Parent is Protecting Public Transportation

Living in Chicago has many perks. One of our best treasures is the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA). It not only provides an efficient mode of travel, it connects communities and enriches lives. Chicago Waldorf School parent and Director of CTA, Forrest Claypool, was recently featured in an article in Grid Chicago unveiling plans to rehab 100 CTA stations over the next year.

“While it’s not a library, a CTA station is an anchor in a community, [the Mayor] said. It touches a neighborhood like almost nothing else in that neighborhood.”

Working with Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Claypool has worked hard to make city budget cuts and simultaneously support CTA station improvements because of the positive effects cleaner, brighter stations in good repair can have in the community. Grid Chicago highlights Claypool’s contributions throughout the article and describes how public transportation can equate to more employment, less crime and a cleaner environment. To read the full article and to see if your CTA station will be part of the clean up, please check out the source at Grid Chicago.


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