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Welcome New Waldorf Students

We are delighted to welcome 53 new students and their families to the Chicago Waldorf School.

Early Childhood Classes —

Ms. Matson’s Sunflowers
Isabella Assirati, Kelsie Boyce, Anna Hanson, Marni Kaplan, Mica Zumann

Ms. Donkel’s Sweet Peas
Eoin Belcore-Walkden, Maxwell McCallum, Leo Salach, Leo Stover

Ms. Votanek’s Rose Garden
Zoe Fencil, Elena Lauhon, Nikolas Moliski, Luke Montzka, Maxim Nikitin, Kai Preus, Fiona Sheridan, Caroline Stanek

Ms. Culbert’s Bluebells
Georgia Bagwell, Alexandre Banks, Aidan Causevic, Sasha Hirsch-Arnett, Carter McIntosh, Luca Mele, Joel Montgomery, Xavier Probst, Nanuka Schirmer, Makayla Studie, Alexander Vrajitoru

GRADE 1 — Ms. Moskowitz
Candelaria Aguilar, Rio Kadono, Zoe Russo, Isabel Soriano, Eve Thiry

GRADE 3 — Ms. Poole
Ivan Mann, Jonas Zumann

GRADE 4 — Ms. Shortridge
Curran O’Brien, Ozell Richardson

GRADE 5 — Ms. Hartz
Julian Avar Campopiano, Lucas Zumann

GRADE 6 — Ms. Sullivan
Savitri Mann

GRADE 8 — Mr. Trevillion
Kyra Gleason

Mr. Gleichauf & Mr. Wilson
Anyah Akanni, Lauren Dubendorf, Joe Hartz, Isaiah Hasselquist, Bianca Moreno, Jonathan Normolle, Auset Muhammad, Sam Sendelbach

GRADE 10 —
Mr. Dozier & Ms. Everhart
Lindsay Thompson, Joe Wendy

GRADE 11 —
Ms. Huckabay & Sr. Correa
Natalie Good, Laura Luna, Yarden Solomon (welcome back!)

We are grateful to all the new parents and parent ambassadors who participated in the welcome event on September 6th. If you were unable to attend please stop by the Admissions Office to pick up your Welcome packet.

On behalf of all the teachers and staff, thank you for choosing the Chicago Waldorf School and best wishes for a wonderful school year!

Submitted by the Admissions Department: Lisa Payton & Jennifer Zielinski
Illustrations graciously provided by 6th grader, Maci Modean Greenberg


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