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All About Caring and Sharing

The Care to Share Committee would like to thank everyone who supported our international outreach efforts at the Holiday Fair in December. It was a joyous day.

Care to Share is a school wide committee that connects our CWS community with financially struggling Waldorf schools and other support initiatives around the globe. We nurture this connection through correspondence between CWS students and other students throughout the world, and by contributing funds to Waldorf schools and other teacher, and class, chosen initiatives. It is amazing how far a few US dollars can go in other countries. Our funds are raised with the help of CWS parents, teachers, staff and students creating handcrafted goods in workshops and classrooms or donating their handwork for sale in the Care to Share room at the Holiday Fair and May Fair.

The 4th and 5th grades continue to exchange letters, drawings, paintings and photographs with the 4th and 5th grades at the McGregor Waldorf School in South Africa. They are learning about the seasons in the different hemispheres, rondavels and the family life of the students. Last year our donation of $2000 to McGregor provided for the purchase of Stockmar paints, the organization of pottery classes, the class camp and the assessment of four children by an educational psychologist with some funds left over for additional projects. Our funds for McGregor go through Waldorf for Africa. We encourage you to look at these websites. And enjoy these beautiful artworks shared from the McGregor Waldorf School students.

The 3rd grade–inspired by their farming block–will purchase two goats through Heifer International in support of others.

How can you become involved? Later in January we will begin a doll-making workshop on Tuesday mornings and needle felting and other handwork and crafting projects on Thursday mornings. We will be meeting from 8:15 – noon in the nursery classroom in Early Childhood.

If you are looking for gift ideas for children such as handmade dolls or learn to knit kits, our Care To Share inventory is currently available just down the street at XORO, 1228 W. Loyola. All sales go to Care to Share. So please stop in, do some shopping and support our global initiatives as we strive toward our goal of becoming an international Waldorf school.

If you have any questions or would like to join our workshops or make a donation please contact; Laura Donkel,, Margaret McGuire,, or Dru Muskovin, 773-772-4005,

True abundance is not in what we keep. It is in what we are able to give away to empower the values and visions we hope will shape the future. It is about legacy. It is about making a difference. It is about keeping the energy moving. -Rev. Linda Weaver Horton

Thank you for Caring and Sharing!


A Letter of Thanks

As part of last year’s Year of the Teacher fundraising at the CWS Gala, new funds have been established to support CWS Faculty’s educational development.

Waldorf German Teacher, Ashley Gambill, reflects on the value of her recent Professional Development Course

“Leave the party while you’re still having fun,” was one of the most fruitful pieces of advice I took away from my Renewal Course about Teaching World Languages with game, song and story. For professional development I traveled this past summer with other language teachers to the Center for Anthroposophy in Wilton, New Hampshire.

My course was well attended by mostly Waldorf world language teachers encompassing Spanish, French, German, Chinese and Japanese who came from various Waldorf schools throughout the US. Our instructors were two language teachers who, together, had over 40 years of Waldorf education experience. Each day they provided new topics and materials they use in their classrooms, initiated discussion and welcomed our questions. Most importantly, we were all given the opportunity to practice these methods of play, of story-telling and of communication, as both teacher and student, in front of other participants. It was strange how we clung to our notebooks during these moments of free practice so as not to forget any of the new and inventive activities. One game in particular was memorable because of its simplicity (materials included just a chalkboard eraser and group of students) and because it was adaptable to various language levels. We practiced together, each teacher using his or her native language, so it would actually foster a challenge for a German teacher having to listen intently and feel a little pressure (as our students feel) to speak in a foreign language such as Chinese. As the game came to an end, we all were chiming in with ways to continue the game and helpful additions to create further play and learning for our students. Yet, in order to cover all their materials, the instructors had to, with much reluctance, halt our discussion and play by explaining why it is important to “leave the party while you’re still having fun”, as just exampled by our fervent comments, excitement for the game and our yearning for more.

[It challenged me] having to listen intently and feel a little pressure (as our students feel) to speak in a foreign language such as Chinese.

The experience was invaluable to my professional development as a Waldorf language teacher, and the new collegiality and connections will only strengthen my communicative abilities at a school where social interaction is paramount. I even showed-off some of the performance skills of our ever-popular CWS Circus club at the Renewal talent show. At the end of the five days, I felt renewed and rejuvenated, ready for a new school year. This opportunity was all provided for me thanks to the generosity of the parents, CWS staff and attendees at the Gala last March. Thank you all for your continuing support!

The Gift of Teacher Development

As part of last year’s Year of the Teacher fundraising at the CWS Gala, new funds have been established to support CWS Faculty’s educational development.

High School Art Teacher, David Dozier, reflects on the value of his recent Professional Development Workshops

“Since I teach full time for CWS, and also teach on Saturdays for Arcturus half the year, I don’t have much down time for my own artwork (except during faculty meetings when as a habit I’ll admit that I sometimes draw ‘stealth portraits’ of my colleagues). I rely mostly on the summer months for my artistic development, usually working outdoors on landscapes in oil and pastel.

Landscapes are wonderful, but working from the human form is the cornerstone of drawing, painting and sculpture. It’s been over two years since I was able to work from the human model on a regular basis. Through the gift of the Teacher Development funds, I attended an eight-week workshop at the Vitruvian Fine Art Studio in Chicago over the summer. It allowed me to reconnect to the special and sustained process of working on drawing of a live professional model, who held the same pose for a total of 24 hours! Thanks to this fund, I will be able to take more workshops this year to develop my teaching experience and hone my artistic skills.

As a teacher it’s essential not only that I grow, and that I am developing my own skills, but that I can work in a situation where I can feel as challenged as the high school students must feel when I set an assignment before them.

< One of David’s portrait drawings from the workshop

Portrait drawing is taught in the ninth grade during the Black & White drawing block. Since art isn’t an elective at CWS–but a core block–I need to remember what a challenge it can be for our students to draw. Some of them come to me convinced that, ‘…they could never draw like that!’ or, ‘…I’m the worst artist in my class.’ I’m happy to report that when someone learns to do something they previously believed to be unobtainable, it builds self-confidence in a unique way.

I want to thank the many parents in our school community who made this summer workshop possible for me through their generous contributions to Teacher Development funds in last Spring’s Gala. Should you want to learn more about the Vitruvian Fine Art Studio, please visit their website for course descriptions and their history.”

Submitted by: David A. Dozier, High School Art Teacher

Support CWS

Please Help Sustain and Nurture Our Vibrant Community With Your Giving

Our heartfelt thanks to the many donors who have generously offered their support for the school. The Annual Fund is an essential component of our operating budget and helps the school achieve its institutional initiatives. Time is running out to make your support count for this fiscal year.

Help keep our school vibrant and active with your contribution to Annual Fund!

Click Here to donate securely to Annual Fund

Or you may contact Jackie Johnson, CWS Development Director at 773.828.8458 or

Note: Donations through our website are protected by paypal security encryption procedures.

Students Raise Funds for Humanitarian Outreach

The CWS 8th graders were able to raise enough money to purchase these gifts: a Water Buffalo, Llama, Goat, Sheep, Honeybees and Flock of Chicks.

As part of the global awareness and outreach elements of the curriculum, the 8th grade developed and promoted a fundraising drive that culminated this year in earning approximately $700.00 that they then donated to Heifer International to help efforts to alleviate hunger and poverty.

Heifer International is a global nonprofit humanitarian assistance organization working to help end hunger and poverty and at the same time protect the environment and care for the Earth. Heifer provides living gifts of area-appropriate livestock and training in environmentally sound agricultural practices to families in need to help lift themselves out of poverty to become self-reliant.

For more than 65 years, Heifer has worked to help improve livelihoods for families that struggle daily for reliable sources of food and income. Since 1944, Heifer has helped more than 12 million families—62 million men, women and children—more than 1.5 million families in 2008-09.

Additional 8th Grade Efforts Raised 210 pairs of shoes.

Last year the 8th Grade held a bake sale to benefit the people of Haiti after the devastating earthquake. This year they decided to donate the money to Soles 4 Souls which provides a pair of shoes for every dollar raised to those in need. The 8th graders raised $175.00 and collected 35 pairs of shoes which enabled them to provide 210 pairs of shoes to the people of Haiti.

The students offered services like shoveling snow, babysitting and bake sales to raise money for their class project. Thanks to the 8th Grade students for spearheading this initiative and raising generous funds for these worthy causes!

Celebrate and Invest in The Year of the Teacher

Support our Teachers. Give to the 2011 Annual Fund

Our 2010-2011 Annual Fund is working to reinforce an important initiative–to support the efforts to reinstate the salaries and pension for our faculty and staff. The CWS Annual Fund total as of May 1 is $127,000.00. Please help us make a world of difference for those who make a difference in the world. Annual Fund giving provides budgetary support for educational initiatives that tuition alone does not cover. We are very grateful to all of our generous supporters of the Chicago Waldorf School!

Please give to the CWS Annual Fund so that we can make our goal of $200,000.00!

You can track the progress of the Annual Fund in the candle graphic in the right-hand column of the bulletin. Keep an eye on “the candle” each week to monitor our progress. We thank everyone for your continued support of our wonderful school and for all who have already given to the annual fund. If you haven’t already given to the best of your capacity, please do so before the end of our school year. The last day of Annual Fund giving is June 30.

Your contribution to the CWS Annual Fund will enable us to support The Year of the Teacher. With your help, we can “Light the Fires of Learning!” and together, we can make the flame come alive.

CWS Community Honors Our School’s Teachers

This past Saturday, parents, teachers, staff, alumni, parents of alumni and friends of our community gathered together at Café Brauer for the purpose of raising funds for our teachers’ professional development. Faculty members addressed the community and shared their personal experiences in developing as teachers and described the paths that led them to teach at Chicago Waldorf School.

Then during the ensuing Dutch auction, community members gave out of love for our school, for our teachers and to support and enable the professional excellence of Waldorf education. By the time the auction had concluded, the community had far exceeded all expectations in raising funds for teacher professional development.

The overwhelming generosity exemplified on Saturday night left our teachers genuinely moved and filled with deep gratitude. Attendees then proceeded to celebrate with enthusiasm and joy that spilled over into dinner discussions and concentrated revelry on the dance floor and throughout the Café Brauer environs.

As Carol Triggiano remarked about the teachers’ experience of that night,

“Thank you so much for providing the funds that will help us in our striving to become the best possible teachers we can be. Thank you, also, for throwing us a glorious, fun, first class party. We loved every minute of it. We stand before you with heartfelt appreciation and sincere gratitude.”

Launch 100 Days to $100,000 and 100% Participation

March 23rd is the 1st day of our 100 day drive!

Today marks the launch of CWS Annual Fund’s 100 Days to $100,000 and 100% Participation Drive.

Click here for a previous profile of the drive. Your support of Annual Fund goes directly to support our teachers. You can submit checks to the Main Office, donate online or contact Jackie Johnson for more information.

The Spirit of Support…

This story was just reported from the front office on Wednesday…

Youngest benefactors show their support for faculty.

Yesterday, CWS 1st graders, Madeline Wild & Ella Majeski, found $5.00 on the beach during park time. After consulting with each other and considering all their options, they mutually decided that they wanted to contribute their new found wealth to the Teachers, so they approached Maureen Flannery in the Main Office and asked to donate their money to the Year of the Teacher effort.

We wanted to thank our newest benefactors to the school for their gift and for the smile that their gesture has brought to our lips as we reflect on their generous act of giving.

100 Days to $100,000.00 and 100% Participation

March 23, 2011 – June 30, 2011

These 100 days are dedicated to celebrating “The Year of the Teacher”

Seeking 100% Participation!
Please Give to Chicago Waldorf School’s Annual Fund–

Annual Fund giving provides budgetary support for educational opportunities that tuition alone does not cover. During “The Year of the Teacher” we hope to raise significant funds dedicated to support the initiative to reinstate our faculty and staff salaries and benefits.

The pedagogical work accomplished by teachers in every CWS classroom lies at the heart of our school mission to develop free-thinking and self-directed global citizens who are eager to make a positive contribution to our world. The devotion of our faculty becomes apparent as they guide our children to their full potential. It is evident in all aspects of how they teach every day in the classroom. We are fortunate to have such an extraordinary faculty.

This is our rally call: 100% participation!

We believe in Chicago Waldorf School and we are dedicated to creating a sustainable future for this outstanding community.

We can do this together as we look forward to reaching our Annual Fund goal with 100% participation by June 30, 2011. March 23 through June 30 = 100 days…we have 100 days! Through 100% participation, we can show that this is a community dedicated to its faculty! A collaborative community committed to supporting CWS and sustaining the future of our excellent school! Thank you in advance for your incredible support!

To give online, click here. Annual Fund envelopes are also available at the Front Office. Should you have questions or need further information, please contact Jackie Johnson, Director of Development, at

Supporting Faculty Professional Development

Faculty are a core strength of the Waldorf Education

The Chicago Waldorf School has long been recognized as one of the schools providing leadership in Waldorf education for North America. This reputation is directly linked to our commitment to providing professional development opportunities for our teachers so that they can continue to educate our students working from an enlivened, comprehensive and contemporary relationship to the Waldorf curriculum. Professional development includes continuing training and attendance at conferences, active mentoring programs and evaluations of our faculty from master teachers visiting from outside our school community.

The Chicago Waldorf School faculty holds itself to a high standard of excellence in teaching that reflects the challenge of this developmental approach to education. We seek to meet the educational needs of the developing child from early childhood through high school. This requires a well-trained, well mentored faculty fully engaged in ongoing self-reflection and assessment. In this rapidly changing world it is essential that our teachers have the opportunity to refresh and renew their teaching perspectives and to participate in contemporary research.

Waldorf education is a transformative process for students and teachers alike. Let us commit ourselves to providing the best possible education and future for our students at the Chicago Waldorf School through a fully funded and comprehensive professional development program for our outstanding faculty.

The 2011 Chicago Waldorf School Gala, The Year of the Teacher: Passion & Purpose, is a celebration that brings together trustees, parents, faculty, staff, and other friends of the school to support this commitment. This year’s celebration will begin with a cocktail reception, Passion & Purpose program, and will be followed by a Dutch Auction. Gifts made to the auction will be directed to a special fund that will enable CWS faculty to enhance their work with our students through professional development opportunities.

Chicago Waldorf School’s ANNUAL GALA

Saturday, March 26th at 6:30pm

Invitations have been mailed to community members; Please RSVP with the reply envelopes. Other interested individuals or companies who would like to attend are welcome to contact our Development Director, Jackie Johnson for complete details.

We look forward to this year’s Gala being a lively social event; and a fun opportunity to support our teachers’–and the school’s–professional reputation and authority.

The Immeasurable Value of Giving

Chicago Waldorf School has declared 2010-2011: The Year of the Teacher. Our Annual Fund is focusing on an important and very special educational initiative. During The Year of the Teacher we hope to raise significant funds to support the effort to reinstate the full teacher salaries and pension for our faculty and staff that had been ceeded in cost-cutting measures in 2009. To that end we ask you to join the CWS community in giving a gift to the 2010-2011 Annual Fund to support our teachers and maintain the values we hold dear at Chicago Waldorf School.

When you make a donation to the Annual Fund, you are nurturing the initiative to support our teachers and our students. Healthy community participation in the Annual Fund demonstrates to potential investors and philanthropists that we are an actively engaged community, and that the Chicago Waldorf School deserves support from the greater community and these institutions as well. All contributions to the Annual Fund supplement the operating budget at the school, support CWS’s students and faculty, and improve the school’s programs, facilities and financial stability.

There are many ways you can make a gift.

Please contact CWS Development Director, Jackie Johnson ( or 773-828-8458) to ask about these opportunities. She can also discuss options to enhance your giving with a list of companies that offer matching gift incentives!

Finally, we thank all of the families and individuals that have already made their Annual Fund contributions. We are very grateful for all the members of our kind and benevolent community! The generous support of parents, grandparents, alumni, alumni parents and friends of Chicago Waldorf School enables us to provide a diverse student body with an education that supports the development of free-thinking, self-directed young adults eager to contribute to our world.