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Using The Influence of Social Networks

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What the CWS Community Offers Us…

The Increasing influence and benefit of social networks manifest in both social & digital realms.

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Dear CWS Friends, Families, and Community Members-

As this thought-provoking lecture by Nicholas Christakas shows, inter-connectivity has a value in empowering individuals and strengthening their ability to assimilate information, aid their health and even create new social experiences.

In a very literal way, our community can strengthen our psychological well-being and our lived experience. Just see the other articles in this week’s bulletin about the Holiday Fair and the Festival of Lights Season to get a sense of the value of our school’s families and friends as a deep resource for enhancing your life. And to support and strengthen our community we are asking that you stay connected to CWS via our Facebook page and other online forums.

As we all head off to far-flung places, or stay here at home for the Winter break,

If you are already a member of Facebook, the like button will connect some of our posts with your network. If you are not yet a member, please use this opportunity to sign-up for Facebook and join the CWS Facebook page, so you can receive our stream of activities information.

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Finally thanks for “Liking” us, promoting us to your online community networks and being a part of our networked community both online and off!

-Jason Greenberg
CWS Marketing & Communications Director


Building Intentional Community (BIC)

All for One & One for All

“The healthy social life is found when in the mirror of the human soul lives the whole community,
and in the community the strength of the individual human soul is living.” ~Rudolf Steiner

For the last four years BIC (Building Intentional Community) has looked deeply into the social dynamic of bullying, teasing & exclusion to implement practical social inclusion strategies, for building agreement, & furthering communication.

With the guidance of Kim John Payne’s Justice without Blame strategies we have experienced these intense social encounters as a rite of passage – not the absence of peace, but the beginning of it.

Therefore it becomes crucial that conflict is not avoided but channeled. Putting our training into action we recognize that the nature of these encounters can be guided with consciousness & wisdom to bring healing & wholeness.

  • Human beings need a healthy social environment in which to grow and develop.
  • Human beings need to take increasing responsibility for their actions as they grow from childhood into adulthood.

Goals & Actions

  • Provide structure and support for individuals seeking resolution of a conflict.
  • Cultivate the development and practice of conscious, shared agreements that will establish healthy relationships between students, teachers, staff and parents.
  • We are working with the PTO to bring BIC to the ‘Commons on the Corner’ and we hope set up possible outside speakers on topics of Restorative Justice & Social Intelligence;
  • We’ve added a BIC parent member to the Welcoming and Circle of Friends Committee
  • We hope to create an informational DVD on social inclusion with the communications dept.
    Sharing Tips and updates about social inclusion strategies:

  • Announcements will be presented in the school bulletin
  • Faculty members of BIC have presented BIC initiatives at full faculty meetings, and will continue with monthly check-ins
  • We are implementing community surveys to make sure your voice is heard

PACT (Peaceful Action for a Community of Tolerance)
We must strive for a positive learning environment in our school, and as students in the school we will follow this PACT. We want a community where each person is:

  • Listening with acceptance and striving for understanding without judgment.
  • Being interested in each other’s opinions and celebrating the diversity in our school.
  • Taking action and speaking out whenever there is exclusion, gossip, or ridicule.
  • Keeping each other’s confidences.
  • Viewing the teachers as allies, and seeking their help in difficult situations.
  • Practicing forgiveness, and making apologies.
  • Being kind.
  • Speaking our minds while respecting the boundaries, thoughts and feelings of others.
  • Being responsible for the consequences of our speech and actions.

In this environment, we hope everyone will feel free to be themselves and speak their opinions,
honestly, respectfully and with conviction.

Our Indicators of Progress/Success

  • Conflicts are resolved in a timely and satisfactory manner
  • Members of the community feel safe in raising an issue, concern or question. They are willing to ask for help and choose to participate in the social inclusion process.
  • Parents, teachers and staff utilize BIC and PACT for support with social inclusion issues.
  • Members of the community are confident that CWS provides a healthy environment for learning and social development.

In reflecting back on all the work we’ve done over the past three years, our foundation is strong, our purpose clear and in alignment with the mission of CWS, our resolve is engaged as we continue, with your help, to Build Intentional Community.

Rudolf Steiner’s words are especially relevant to this issue of building intentional community with the developing child contributing to and learning in a healthy and happy environment:

“Our highest endeavor must be to develop free human beings who are able of themselves to impart purpose and direction to their lives” —Rudolf Steiner

Submitted by Hazel Lucchesi Ginsberg

Spring Parent-Teacher Conferences are coming…

Friday, March 25 is Parent-Teacher Conferences Day

This round of Parent-Teacher conferences, unlike the mandatory conferences in the fall, is by request only—-your or the teacher’s. And, did you know that ALL the special subject teachers are available to speak with you and give their valuable perspective? In the grade school, sign up for a time with Ilene Warfield, and have a conversation with any special subject teachers to learn more about the curriculum, school events and your child. This is a wonderful opportunity to get a slightly different perspective and enjoy the full circles of educators that surround your child every day.

The Grade School Office is currently scheduling Spring parent-teacher conferences for teacher-requested conferences only. On March 14th scheduling will open up for parent-requested conferences. All parents wishing to speak with a class and/or subject teacher will be accommodated; additional conference slots will be added as needed.

Reminder to Parents: If you want to meet with a special subject teacher and that teacher has not requested a conference with you already, then please specify if you want to meet with the subject teacher separately or in conjunction with your class teacher during the conference.

Conferences will be held on Friday, March 25 (no school for students).
Please contact Ilene Warfield in the Grade School Office at or 773.465.2372 to make an appointment.

Reminder: Drop-Off & Pick-Up Traffic Flows

Parents, please do your part to follow the drop-off and pick-up procedures.

In particular, do not park in front of the school to run your children into the building. And do not allow children to exit cars unattended by a parking assistant. Please be considerate of other parents (and our neighbors) in our community who feel lack of compliance in these issues leads to confusion and unsafe conditions for their children.

Early Childhood: Children must be escorted into the building by an adult, stow shoes and personal belongings in cubby, put on slippers, and greet teacher at classroom door. Pick-up is at the classroom door, as well. For Ms. Culbert’s class across Loyola, please do not double park in the street. This leads to very unsafe drop-off and pick-up for the children.

Grade School: Students must be dropped off at the curb (see traffic flow details below) or escorted into the building. Teachers greet children at the classroom door. Pick-up outside in front of the CWS main doors either on foot or in your car at the curb.

High School: High School students may enter through the east side door. But High School students who get a ride must be dropped off at the front entrance curb with all other students.

This plan only works with your dedication and adherence to these rules:

• Vehicles may not be left unattended at the curb front on Loyola Ave (i.e. in the drop-off/pick-up lane) during school hours. You risk being ticketed or towed.

• Never double-park your vehicle.

• Those who need to stay at school must find street parking.

• Never park at the curb by stop signs or the (illegal) intersection corners.

• Never drop-off/pick-up on the south side of Loyola; crossing the street middle is dangerous.

• The parking lot between the school and St. Ignatius Church is not available during school hours.

• Finally, please be courteous to the traffic patrol; they only have your children’s safety in mind.

In the interest of safety for all our students, it is requested that Early Childhood parents remove their young children from the areas in front of and around the main school buildings once they have been picked up from class. This request holds for both the 12:00PM and 3:00PM pick-up times, as these are both times when grade school children and high school students are outside. One thing we have found to be absolutely true is that when older, bigger children are active and smaller, younger children are playing nearby, there is great potential for injury. Also, please be aware that the side yard is used by the Grade School for the lower grades play space at noontime recess and for the After Care students at 3:00PM dismissal; therefore it is not an available space for parents and younger children to play. Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.