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Report From the Admissions Office

Welcome! New Families Join Chicago Waldorf School

We warmly welcome seven new students and their families to the Chicago Waldorf community: Nora Lubin in 11th grade, Robin Huff in 5th grade, Euphemia “Fay-mi” Rough and Adah Dupor in Ms. Culbert’s Blue Bells, Frida Bataller Bailey and Henning Reinprecht in Ms. Votanek’s Rose Garden, and Emory Grider in Ms. Donkel’s Sweet Peas.

Spread the Word! Invite More Families To Our School

Thank you for sharing the wonders of Waldorf education with others. Parents and students are our best ambassadors, and word of mouth is the most effective way to raise awareness about our school. We would greatly appreciate your continued support in expanding and strengthening the 2012-13 applicant pool by sharing your insights and experiences with others.

Please encourage prospective families to ‘experience’ Waldorf by inviting them to a play or community event, and by handing out at least five of our School Tour & Orientation postcards (Upcoming tours are: Jan. 12, Feb. 9, Mar. 15, May 3). We are also offering scholarships to ninth grade applicants. Postcards for the Tours & Orientations and the Class of 2016 Scholarships are available at the Main Office and in the Admissions Office. We are especially seeking applicants for early childhood, first and fifth grades.

With much appreciation,
Lisa Payton & Jennifer Zielinski
Admissions Department


All About Caring and Sharing

The Care to Share Committee would like to thank everyone who supported our international outreach efforts at the Holiday Fair in December. It was a joyous day.

Care to Share is a school wide committee that connects our CWS community with financially struggling Waldorf schools and other support initiatives around the globe. We nurture this connection through correspondence between CWS students and other students throughout the world, and by contributing funds to Waldorf schools and other teacher, and class, chosen initiatives. It is amazing how far a few US dollars can go in other countries. Our funds are raised with the help of CWS parents, teachers, staff and students creating handcrafted goods in workshops and classrooms or donating their handwork for sale in the Care to Share room at the Holiday Fair and May Fair.

The 4th and 5th grades continue to exchange letters, drawings, paintings and photographs with the 4th and 5th grades at the McGregor Waldorf School in South Africa. They are learning about the seasons in the different hemispheres, rondavels and the family life of the students. Last year our donation of $2000 to McGregor provided for the purchase of Stockmar paints, the organization of pottery classes, the class camp and the assessment of four children by an educational psychologist with some funds left over for additional projects. Our funds for McGregor go through Waldorf for Africa. We encourage you to look at these websites. And enjoy these beautiful artworks shared from the McGregor Waldorf School students.

The 3rd grade–inspired by their farming block–will purchase two goats through Heifer International in support of others.

How can you become involved? Later in January we will begin a doll-making workshop on Tuesday mornings and needle felting and other handwork and crafting projects on Thursday mornings. We will be meeting from 8:15 – noon in the nursery classroom in Early Childhood.

If you are looking for gift ideas for children such as handmade dolls or learn to knit kits, our Care To Share inventory is currently available just down the street at XORO, 1228 W. Loyola. All sales go to Care to Share. So please stop in, do some shopping and support our global initiatives as we strive toward our goal of becoming an international Waldorf school.

If you have any questions or would like to join our workshops or make a donation please contact; Laura Donkel,, Margaret McGuire,, or Dru Muskovin, 773-772-4005,

True abundance is not in what we keep. It is in what we are able to give away to empower the values and visions we hope will shape the future. It is about legacy. It is about making a difference. It is about keeping the energy moving. -Rev. Linda Weaver Horton

Thank you for Caring and Sharing!

Special Offer: Pre-Order the 2011-2012 Yearbook now!

This school year a dedicated group of High School students are starting to work, from the very first day of school, on designing and producing the best yearbook ever. We plan to document the life, fun and spirit of CWS and student life, as well as include coverage of most of the signifigant events at our school. Here’s more good news! We are offering the CWS Yearbook, The Loop, at a reduced pre-order price: only $40. (This is substantially discounted from the end of year pricing.)

Order now to get a reduced “Pre-Sale Price”
Only $40! Offer expires Nov. 1st

Don’t miss this great opportunity. Place your orders as soon as possible, since this offer will expire by November 1st. Also, if you wish to place an ad in the yearbook, reserve your space now with Yearbook Faculty Advisor, Sr. Correa at

CWS Marches in 2011 Chicago Pride Parade

This past Sunday, over 50 CWS parents, faculty, staff, alumni and students from 1st grade through High School donned rainbow capes, facepaint and waved flags and placards as they marched through the center of the city in the 2011 Pride Parade. The spectacular weather swelled spectators to well beyond the 450,000 that were counted at last year’s parade.

Our students enjoyed the enthusiastic support and admiring responses from the crowd that included high-fives and cheering as the students displayed their pride and demonstrated skills such as jumping rope (double-dutch no less), twirling streamers and cheering back to the crowd.

New Chicago Mayor, Rahm Emmanuel–who led this year’s parade–visited & chatted with the CWS students.

The CWS Bus (decorated with rainbow banners and signs) and parent marching band accompanied the CWS marchers and made quite an impression on the city of Chicago. The CWS contingent was covered by ABC 7 News, WXRT Radio, Windy City Times and mentioned in numerous other media reporting stories, perspectives and blogsites. As the Windy City Times reported, “PFLAG was as popular as ever, with parents and friends marching along with LGBTs. Nettlehorst and Chicago Waldorf School also marched to great response. Both are [local] schools, showing just how far Pride has come since the 1969 Stonewall protests in New York.”

CWS & Nettlehorst “are showing just how far Pride has come since the 1969 Stonewall protests in New York.”

Overall the students and families had a great experience and were glad to show their support for ALL kinds of families, regardless of their orientation or structural makeup. The LGBT community and the larger city of Chicago opened their arms and welcomed our schools participation in this energizing and historic event along with the CPS Nettlehorst School and Chicago Teachers Union.

Very Special Thanks to:
Jennifer Zielinski- the master event-coordinator and communicator for our parade participants.
Mark Miller, Heath Jansen and Donald McGhee- for creating our new Parent Marching Band.
Brett Johnson (our Development Director’s husband)- for rigging our bus with an excellent sound system to add music to our bus/float.
Carly Garcia & her dad, Carlo- for loaning a generator for powering the sound system.
The Muskovin Family (Naomi & Dru)- for sewing rainbow capes.
The Greenberg Family (Maci & Meka)- for dyeing and painting capes and banners.
Cathey Stamps & Laurie Oswald who travelled all the way from Denver, CO with family to march.
All the families, faculty and staff who participated in this year’s parade!

The parade, now in its 42nd year, celebrates the diversity of Chicago’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender individuals and families. It supports the notion of family in all forms including the significance of LGBT community family members. Chicago Waldorf School is proud to support our LGBT members both within our school community and within the City of Chicago at large.

Take another opportunity to show your school pride in this weekend’s July 4th Parade in Evanston!

Invididuals interested in marching in the July 4th parade should contact Jennifer Zielinski at 773-392-1496.

-submitted by Jason Greenberg
CWS parent & Pride Event Participant

Our Community Summer Activities

We hope everyone is enjoying summer break. While our classes are completed for now, the school still remains active throughout the summer.

Here are some fun family friendly events coming up that you might be interested in:

• Sun, June 26th: Walk in the 2011 Pride Parade

Last year was a blast and we can’t wait to do it again! We will have a parent marching band accompanying our student and parent walkers and for those who’d prefer to participate in shade and comfort we offer seats on our own CWS school bus. Come join us as we present our school pride and honor the diversity of our school families with Chicago’s LGBT Community in Chicago.

• Mon, July 4th: Walk in the Evanston July 4th Parade

The week before the parade, we will be building a float in northwest Evanston from 9:00am – 12:00pm, Monday, June 27th through Friday, July 1st. Bring your family, your enthusiasm and your building tools. After the parade, there will be even more fun. The Hartman’s will be hosting a pot-luck and have invited everyone to stay and watch the fireworks that evening.

• If festivals are more your style, CWS will also have booths at the Folk & Roots Festival, Glenwood Arts Festival and the Renegade Craft Fair. Parent volunteers have traditionally helped staff the booths and CWS student volunteers take an active role in teaching Fair participants how to knit, felt and build small craft projects.

Come and participate this summer!! Walk with us in the parades. Join us for a few hours at the fairs.

We love getting together as a community, having a great time and showing our school pride to Chicago.

If you and your kids would like to sign up to participate in a CWS summer event please contact Jennifer Zielinski at 773-828-8468 or

CWS Community Outreach Takes On Many Forms

L-R: Lucien Lazar, Naomi Muskovin, Claudia King, Malcolm Collins, Michael Moratto, Wilny Wilkerson, Torii Maysonet. Not Pictured: Elodie Betend, Sarah Lavin-Burgher, Jeremy Marder & Fiona Masterton.

Dedicated Individuals Represent Our School

As 2011-12 enrollment season winds down, we would like to extend our deepest appreciation to the many students, teachers and parents who welcomed and supported our prospective families this year. Each of us plays a unique role in describing the value of Waldorf education, and we find that building enrollment in CWS is best achieved through the enthusiastic and collective efforts of the community. This year was a fine example of this work.

First and foremost, we thank our inspiring and dedicated high school student ambassadors: Elodie Betend, Malcolm Collins, Claudia King, Sarah Lavin-Burgher, Lucien Lazar, Jeremy Marder, Fiona Masterton, Torii Maysonet, Michael Moratto, Naomi Muskovin, and Wilny Wilkerson. Together, with the help of Talia Adams, Eden Finer, Matthew Kane, Rebecca Lavin-Burgher, Claire Matthews, Iris Pavelic, Sarah Price, Mercy Randolph, and Cole Ruscitti, they hosted more than 40 visitors as well as our own 7th and 8th grade students. Many thanks also to Alice Blehart, Camille Dozier, Rosie Fitz, Laura Holdrege, Olivia Juarez, Liam Lundy, Blake Palder, Jasmine Pearman, Lena Smith and Mike Wright for joining the student ambassadors in supporting the six tours and orientations.

“I really appreciated the students input, and the teachers also made a great impression. They clearly have a ‘burning’ passion for their school.”

We are also very grateful to the Enrollment Committee, especially Susan Mudd, Clifton Muhammad, Katherine Rogers, and Josephine Ryan for their generous leadership and support throughout the year. Improved tours and orientations and the Class of 2015 scholarship are just two examples of their many contributions. Lastly, we appreciate the efforts of all the parent volunteers who provided support for the tour and orientations, and yield and outreach events: Stephanie Arnett, Karen Brennan, Jill & Mike Cruz, Linda Finer, Maria Gale, Christy Galyon, Cheryl Henley, Corey Hirsch, Rebeca Itzkowitz, Andrea Lee, Valerie Colis & Peter Livaditis, Robin Lewis, Mark McIntosh, Hema Pillalamarri, Sue Smock-Lawson, Andrea Regan McNaughton, Norman Teague, Sarah Wellington, and Amy & Chad Willetts.

“The opportunity to speak with current parents and current students was priceless.”

The fruits of this good work are best expressed in the words of prospective parents:

I was most impressed with the classroom tours. It is one thing to read about the goals of a Waldorf education and another to witness it.

I LOOOOVED the early childhood program. I wish I could have been a Waldorf Early Childhood student. I would love for my future children to go here.

I came away totally inspired as a teacher to finally see classes taught in a way that is interesting, intuitive, full of critical thinking and fully integrated with the ARTS.

Thank you all outreach volunteers for your generosity and commitment to Chicago Waldorf School!

Submitted by the Admissions Committee:
Susan Bruck, Barbara Huckabay, Lisa Payton, Lauri Sullivan and Jennifer Zielinski

Appreciation For Our Parent Volunteers

Grandparents & Special Friends Day was a Success!

Thank You to these CWS parent volunteers who helped make our Grandparents & Special Friends Day come alive and welcomed guests from our larger community.

These were the folks behind the organizing, reception, guided tours and overall support that ensured that our visitors had a wonderful experience visiting our school.

Your contributions are appreciated!

Janet Zimmerman
Sherri Wandler
Karen Anderson
Valerie Hartmann
Elizabeth McManus
Kim Piehl

Robin Lewis
Sally Rosenthal
Lisa Rekstad
Sarah Wellington
Terry True
Sarah Slepak

Mary Motyka
Lisa Donofrio
Chuck Ginsberg
Mark Miller
Linda Finer
Christine Carroll

Many people supported this event. If we inadvertently missed listing someone, please let us know.

Make Flower Crowns for May Fair. Volunteers Needed!

The beautiful flower crown on the little girl in the 2011 CWS Mayfair mailer and poster?

Someone in our community made that!

Please join the CWS community to make flower crowns this Friday, May 13 any time between 8am and 3pm, in the entrance/lobby of the Auditorium. Stop by and make just one (or as many as you have time for!). All materials will be supplied, and helpful instructors will be on hand.

Parent Volunteers Needed to Organize Camping Gear

Monday through Thursday, April 25-28th and May 2-5th

Looking for volunteers! We are looking for a few good women and men to assist with the school’s camping equipment. In May the grade school classes are heading off for their numerous class trips. We need to organize and inventory all the equipment and tents for their trips. We can use some help. Volunteer slots are available to work on this from Monday April 25 through Thursday April 28th and May 2nd through the 5th.

We need help in inventorying tents, packing up the gear and washing the cooking equipment. The equipment is stored at school. If you are interested please contact Deb at or call her cell 773.368.6695 Thanks!

Submitted by Deb Gohr, CWS Camp Quartermaster

Join the next meeting of the Diversity Committee

Tuesday, March 15th at 3:30 / Lower Eurythmy Room

The Diversity Committee meets to support and nurture the growth of a diverse student population to reflect the city in which we live.

Members of the Diversity Committee attended the Independent Schools Association of the Central States (ISACS) Diversity Summit – The Power of Equality and Justice, on February 17th & 18th. Come hear their assessment of this conference at our next meeting on March 15th. The committee has an open door policy and always welcomes new members of the community to join our meetings.

Some of the goals and initiatives that have been developed and are being maintained by the committee include:

Internal Community Goals:

  • Increase visual images of the diversity in the curriculum throughout the school.
  • Increase faculty & staff diversity by continued outreach at diversity job fairs and other recruitment outlets.
  • Continue collaboration with the Festivals Committee to support diversity of cultural, ethnic, and geographically focused festivals.
  • Support teachers in facilitating a multicultural curriculum and support the diversity in their classrooms.
  • Support multicultural criteria in professional development and teacher evaluations related to expanding/strengthening diversity skills and curriculum.
  • Collaborate with High School students; PTO; BIC and other school groups in supporting diversity initiatives.

Outward Community Goals:

  • Make the diversity of the curriculum more visible (artwork, plays, etc) through outreach and marketing materials.
  • Reach out to specific communities, targeting new outlets and ask parents to write articles and letters-to-the-editor for minority and culturally-specific media outlets.
  • Partner with other (Waldorf and non-Waldorf) schools that are urban/demographically similar for brainstorming and combining of efforts in these areas.

Our vision is to support the paradigm of an inclusive school community where all sectors of our society are equally valued and represented among students, faculty and administrators.

Please join us in the next Diversity Committee meeting on Tuesday, March 15th at 3:30pm in the Lower Eurythmy room. For more information please contact Jennifer Zielinski.

Seeking Pentathlon Judges

Fifth grade marks an important learning transition from mythology to history. Through study of the ancient Greeks, students develop an appreciation for the balance between skill and beauty, art and science, earthly life and spirituality. In the spring, students participate in a five-event Greek Pentathlon with students from other regional Waldorf schools, allowing them to test their skills in a celebratory environment.

You Be the Judge – Pentathlon 2011 / Volunteer Now!

What is the Waldorf approach to sports and athletics? A great way to experience first-hand this important part of the curriculum is to be a judge at the pentathlon! This year’s pentathlon is in Hartland, Wisconsin from May 11-13, and features almost one hundred 5th graders from 7 schools. The camp is on 500 acres of pine forest; all pentathletes and judges stay overnight in rustic furnished, heated cabins that have fireplaces. You will meet parents and children from other Waldorf schools, watch the events and participate in all social activities.

Pentathlon Judges:

• Communicate Inspiration & gravitas

• Observe dedication, effort, athleticism and concentration

• Evaluate team spirit and fraternity

• Validate the students’ Experience

We are looking for volunteers to be pentathlon judges.
Future and past 5th grade parents welcome!! Past pentathletes, please volunteer!!

Interested? Questions? E-mail Andrea Shaffer or call 773.465.2662 x8323